A typical question that we are being asked from our kids and/or coworkers that haven’t entered the housing market yet is: “What does it feel like to be a homeowner?” They have an idea, but actually owning or diving into home-ownership might be overwhelming. The Guelph real estate market is definitely busy, so guidance along the way will ensure the buyers are looked after.

I have quite a bit of experience in this area because I’ve helped so many first-time home buyers get into the home of their dreams. It may take a year or as quick as one month. The goal for buying is to have the background and knowledge from a real estate agent who has proven their worth to their clients.

Hopefully you remember that moment when you open the front door to a home that you own. I don’t know what to call it. Pride of ownership? Whatever it is, it’s a great feeling.

The goal here is to help people that are thinking about taking that next step in home-ownership and to also have my button-up shirt mesmerize you while watching this video!

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